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Home Away From Home With Your Pet

Published on May 25, 2016
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Sharon Billings, CVT Senior Veterinary Information Specialist Do you have travel plans for a summer vacation? Do those plans include a brief stop or a long stay at someone else’s home? Are you considering bringing your four-legged family member along? Most likely, your own home has been “pet-proofed” for a long time (congratulations!) but if …continue reading

A Few Brief Summer Safety Tips

Published on July 6, 2015
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As temperatures rise over the summer there are many things to keep in mind to ensure that our pets stay safe.  While our pets are part of the family it is important to make sure that we keep their best interests in mind when enjoying time with them. During warmer weather it is important to …continue reading

Fun in the Sun!

Published on May 27, 2015
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By Sharon Billings, CVT Associate Veterinary Information Specialist Well, the temperature is finally on the rise here in Minnesota and as we thaw out after the cold and snowy winter, we eagerly head outdoors to enjoy the warmth and sunshine.  Whether you’re planning a neighborhood walk, a nature trail hike, or a swim at the …continue reading

Hot Weather and Your Dog: Do You Know the Signs of Heat Stroke?

Published on July 25, 2014
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By Jessica Driscoll Certified Veterinary Technician at Pet Poison Helpline We’re in the dog days of summer! With temperatures often reaching mid 70s to high 90’s we need to take special precautions with our pets. It is best to leave your pet at home during these warmer days as temperatures in cars can quickly rise, …continue reading

To Every Poison There Is a Season

Published on January 7, 2014
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By: Charlotte Flint, DVM Staff Veterinarian People are often surprised to learn that we see trends in poisonings here at Pet Poison Helpline based on the season or time of year.  As we head into 2014, let’s review the year in poison and hopefully you can use this information to help keep your pets safe …continue reading

Dogs and picnic dangers

Published on July 15, 2013
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By Dr. Justine Lee, DVM, DACVECC, DABT Ah, summer…the start of backyard BBQs and picnics outside. While I want to encourage you to spend more time outside with your pooch and your family, keep in mind that when picnicking, there are several dangerous food items that can pose a threat to your dog when accidentally …continue reading