Remembering Where Our Best Friends Came From

By: Candi Amundson, CVT
Staff Certified Veterinary Technician at Pet Poison Helpline®

I have recently heard of some “new” breeds from some of our concerned callers: Collapso (Collie/Lhasa), Poinsetter (Pointer/Setter), and a Blabador (Bloodhound/Labrador).  This really made me step back and remember the domestication of dogs and the true meaning of, “a man’s best friend.”

There are many theories of how exactly the domestication of the grey wolf developed.  Some studies show that wolf pups were taken at an early age and nursed by humans and over generations became more “dog-like.”  Others have shown that the wolves began interacting with humans when promised food and eventually created a bond between humans and wolves.  Also, over time these dogs have had a number of morphological changes which primarily are due to humans.  This has also lead to the cause of some of the predisposed medical conditions concentrated in certain breeds.  Dogs protected man from wild animals, guarded their goats and sheep, and in return, the man gave them food.

Dogs have evolved into “man’s best friend” and trusted guardian whose faithfulness is respected as the ultimate level of loyalty.  In light of the Holiday ahead, please remember to give thanks for our pets. Not only on Thanksgiving, but every day we should thank them for the gifts of love, joy, and happiness they bring us.

 Dog in Flowers