Dog Eats Dark Chocolate 

It’s no secret that dogs like to check out what food is in the kitchen, especially a sweet treat such as chocolate. Did you know that chocolate can be a health hazard to your pup? Dark chocolate, in particular, can cause serious consequences if your dog decides to eat some. Continue reading below to learn about the dangers of dark chocolate and what to do if your dog consumes this sweet treat.  

Health Hazards of Chocolate 

Theobromine and caffeine are two active ingredients in chocolate that are toxic to pups. Dogs have a difficult time quickly metabolizing these compounds, so they build up in their system resulting in harmful symptoms. Be aware of darker chocolates such as baker’s, semi-sweet, and dark chocolate because they contain higher levels of theobromine and caffeine compared to milk and white chocolate.  

Consequences from Chocolate Ingestion 

If your dog eats dark chocolate, they can quickly experience adverse effects. Contact your veterinarian and Poison Helpline if you suspect they’ve been poisoned. Potential signs of poisoning include:  

  • Body tremors 
  • Seizures 
  • Irregular heartbeats 
  • Agitation/restlessness 
  • Increased heart rate 


If your furry friend has snuck a sweet treat, such as dark chocolate, you must act immediately. Call your veterinarian and Pet Poison Helpline at (855) 764-7661 for first aid advice. If you notice clinical signs of poisoning, rush your dog to the nearest animal hospital right away. Your veterinarian will evaluate your dog and determine the correct course of treatment. This can include inducing vomiting to expel the remaining chocolate and administer activated charcoal to bind the toxins. Your dog may require IV fluids to aid with excretion, medications to reduce blood pressure and heart rate, and medications for stomach upset and diarrhea. If your dog is having seizures, your veterinarian will administer sedatives and anticonvulsants. Don’t take any chances and seek treatment right away so your dog can have the best chances of recovery.