Is White Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

White chocolate, like milk and dark chocolate, is a no-no for our four-legged companions. While compared to its darker counterparts, white chocolate contains much less theobromine (the chemical responsible for chocolate poisoning in pets). This means Rover would have to eat a LOT of white chocolate to be at risk for chocolate poisoning.

However, with its high fat and sugar content, white chocolate consumption can put your pet at risk for other health complications and should never be given to your pup as a treat.

White Chocolate for Dogs Can Be Dangerous.

While it may be unlikely for your pet to develop chocolate poisoning through the consumption of white chocolate, if you believe your dog snuck a few nibbles from your candy stash, it is important you monitor them for health changes and call your veterinarian. The high fat content can cause clinical signs similar to ingesting other types of chocolate (like vomiting, loss of appetite, or diarrhea). 

In case of other reactions due to the ingestion of white chocolate, your veterinarian may need to induce vomiting and administer additional treatment such as IV fluids or sedatives to keep your pet calm. In severe cases more aggressive treatment may be needed.