The signs that your dog ate chocolate can vary depending on how much and the kind of chocolate your dog ate. Although occasional chocolate isn’t always dangerous for your pets, it’s not recommended to give your dogs any chocolate. Chocolate poisoning is attributed to a chemical called theobromine. This compound causes convulsions, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, hyperactivity and diarrhea, and in some cases, death. Therefore, advise your peers and children to keep their candies away from dogs and other pets. Furthermore, candy wrapping can obstruct the intestines and stomachs of smaller dogs.

Clinical Signs Of Chocolate Poisoning 

A dog or cat with chocolate poisoning will have the following symptoms: 

  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Irregular heartbeat 
  • Seizures 
  • Agitation 
  • Tremors 

Darker chocolates contain more theobromine compared to white chocolate. Semi-sweet, gourmet cocoa powder and baker’s chocolate are the most dangerous to pets. Chocolate poisoning is dose dependent. A few M&Ms or 1-2 nibbles of chocolate chip cookies won’t poison your dog, but an entire bag of dark chocolate will. Young, senior, and sick pets must be treated more cautiously than healthy adult pets. Due to chocolate’s high-fat content, certain pets may develop an inflamed pancreas after eating chocolate or chocolate-containing baked items.

Chocolate Poisoning Treatment 

You can treat chocolate poisoning by taking your dog to a vet. They may require immediate medical care. The vet may give your dog IV fluids to address dehydration and other medications depending on the exhibited symptoms. 

What is the Prognosis of Chocolate Poisoning? 

The prognosis of chocolate poisoning depends on the dose. The smaller the dose, the better the prognosis, and vice versa. Prognosis is also good if the symptoms are mild. The diagnosis is poor if symptoms are severe, such as collapse, heartbeat abnormalities, severe diarrhea, and vomiting. Contact your vet and Pet Poison Helpline®, at (855) 761-7664, to get advice on how to handle chocolate poisoning situations the best way.