Poison Prevention Week 2016 – Free Resources from PPH

National Poison Prevention Week is officially recognized March 20-26, 2016, but at Pet Poison Helpline®, we work 365 days a year to try and help educate pet owners on common pet toxins and how to prevent poisoning emergencies. We also strive to provide resources for veterinary professionals to make their jobs easier and to help communicate these prevention tips with their clients.

In honor of Poison Prevention Week, here is a reminder of all the free materials we have available to you and your clients. Use these resources to augment your website, social media sites, clinic lobby, puppy/kitten/net pet owner packets, and more.

Preventing Household Poisonings Infographic

8185_02_PPH_Infographic_eNewsletter_r2Just in time for Poison Prevention Week, we created a brand new infographic on common household toxins, separated by room. Download and share this infographic on your website, social media platforms, and email communications with your clients to help educate them on the toxins lurking in and around their homes.

Paws on Safety: One Minute Pet Clinic Video Series

Pet Poison Helpline®’s new video series, “Paws on Safety: One Minute Pet Clinic“, is a series of short, educational videos for pet owners. Each clip features Pet Poison Helpline®’s veterinary toxicology experts and highlights important topics such as human foods and medications that are toxic to pets, xylitol, chocolate, and lilies.

Veterinary professionals can sign up to receive access to these videos for easy sharing. We can send you the links to share these videos on social media, the source code to embed the videos on your website, or the media file so you can play them in your clinic’s waiting room.

No Lilies for Kitties!’ Educational Campaign

noliliesforkittiesPet Poison Helpline® and the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association have teamed up to increase awareness of lily poisoning to cat owners and remind veterinarians that we are heading into lily season. Please help us spread the word and learn why you need to “leave out the lilies”. As part of the campaign, downloadable graphics, PDFs and a video are available for printing and sharing. Included are photos of toxic lilies with an accompanying list of safer flower alternatives.

The “Wheel of Vomit” – Our Decontamination Tool

Vomit Wheel - NewMake sure your practice has our wildly popular Wheel of Vomit! This convenient tool enables staff to quickly calculate the appropriate dosages of hydrogen peroxide and apomorphine for dogs as well as calculate an appropriate dose range for activated charcoal in both dogs and cats.

To order a free Wheel of Vomit for your practice, email your clinic’s mailing address to info@petpoisonhelpline.com with the subject of “Wheel of Vomit Order.” Please note that this wheel is intended for veterinary professionals only and can only be mailed to clinics in the US and Canada.

The “Pot of Poisons” – Our Toxic Plants and Fertilizers Info Tool

Pot of Poisons 2016This brand new tool is the perfect reference guide to keep handy in your exam room in the event a patient presents after ingesting a plant. Over 50 of the most common poisonous plants and garden toxins are described in this colorful, photo-filled tool. Additional specifics about the species of concern, affected body systems, toxic doses, clinical signs, are also included. This is a must have for every veterinary clinic!

To order a free Pot of Poisons for your practice, email your clinic’s mailing address to info@petpoisonhelpline.com with the subject of “Pot of Poisons.” Please note that this tool is intended for veterinary professionals only and can only be mailed to clinics in the US and Canada.

Static Clings

ClingsHelping clients with pet safety is just one of the ways you provide the very best care. To aid in that effort, Pet Poison Helpline® provides free static clings for you to give to your clients. These clings are designed to stick to almost any surface, and are removable without leaving any damage. They are perfect or adding to puppy and kitten packs, for handing out at every visit, or include one with every invoice.

Pet Poison Helpline® has three cling options available for order:

  1. 24/7 Helpline Cling – includes Pet Poison Helpline®’s name, phone number and website in case of emergency
  2. Kitchen Toxins Cling – complete with our top 10 kitchen toxins we receive calls on
  3. Dog Toxins Cling – lists out the top 10 dog toxins we receive calls about

By placing our 24/7 helpline number at your client’s fingertips, you’ll make sure they get accurate, expert information, right when they need it most.

Order your static clings today!

Electronic Newsletters and Handouts

Pet Poison Helpline® has a variety of educational newsletters and handouts available for you to share with clients and staff. Topics include seasonal toxins such as Halloween candy, Valentine’s bouquets, and 4th of July hazards, plus popular items such as xylitol and marijuana toxicity. Feel free to download, print, email, or post these informative handouts on your clinic website and social media spaces.

RACE-Approved Continuing Education Webinars

Pet Poison Helpline®, in partnership with Nationwide Pet Insurance, is hosting five free, RACE-approved continuing education webinars for veterinary professionals in 2016. Each webinar features a Pet Poison Helpline® veterinary toxicology expert and convers a wide range of topics, from marijuana toxicity to intravenous lipid emulsion to vitamins and more! As an added bonus, each webinar is recorded and available on our website for passive viewing if you miss the live showing.

Also, if you are in need of more CE, be sure to check out our Webinar Archives for all of our past CE presentations, all of which are available for non-interactive RACE CE credit.

We hope that you and your clients will benefit from these materials. For more information and easy access to all of these materials, please visit our website at: https://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/veterinarians/free-resources-clinic-clients/