Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Is Your Valentine’s Treat a Toxin too? Review of Valentine’s Day Related Poisonings for Pets

This complimentary webinar is RACE and NYSED approved for 1 CE credits.

Ashley Smit, DVM
February 9th 2021

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Are you prepared for Valentine’s Day toxins? This year the traditional treats may look a little different. Be ready to see more cannabis, xylitol, and even magic mushrooms in those chocolate boxes. Following on the heels of 2020, expect a bumper crop of floral deliveries as we discuss the top 5 flowers sold on Valentine’s Day. As for those who get a headache just thinking about Feb 14, we’ve got you covered too. We’ll talk about pain relievers and migraine medications—the sometimes necessary combo for dealing with both the headaches and hangovers that accompany this Day of Love. Join us as we discuss toxic doses, clinical signs, and treatment recommendations for these Valentine’s troublemakers.

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