Is alcohol poisonous to dogs?


What it’s in:

Alcoholic drinks aside, alcohol can be found in some surprising places. Rum-soaked cakes or other unbaked deserts containing alcohol may contain alcohol to cause poisoning in pets. Alcohol is also a major byproduct of ingested yeast dough (see yeast-bread dough).

Threat to pets:

Even small amounts of alcohol, especially in small dogs and cats, can cause life-threatening toxicity.

Signs of alcohol poisoning:

Alcohol smell on the breath, neurological depression, hypothermia (low body temperature), hypotension (low blood pressure), seizures and respiratory failure.


Intravenous dextrose (sugar), IV fluids, warming measures and in-hospital monitoring.


Excellent provided the appropriate care is received.

Published on September 23, 2011
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  3. hoax2122 says:

    people are ignorant, i weigh 170lbs and 20 beers in an hour would kill me as for my dog that weighs 70lbs 5 beers in an hour would kill him! dont give a small dog a butload of beer. as for common sense im sure my dog could sip off my beer for a few hours consuming a total of 1 beer in a 3 hour period and be fine and love that i share with my best bro…. my dog deserves a piece of fat off my steak (thats bad for me and him) and a sip off my beer. everything in moderation

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