Pet Poison Helpline® has created “Toxin Tails” to educate the veterinary community and pet lovers on the many types of poisoning dangers facing pets, both in and out of the home. All the pets highlighted in “Toxin Tails” have been successfully treated for the poisoning and fully recovered.

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Spring Cleaning for Pet Poisons

Everyone knows rat poison is dangerous, but it may be hiding in places you and your pets would never imagine. Find out what happened when an unsuspecting pooch ripped open a 50-year-old package of rodenticide while on a family vacation.


Elite Eight of Pet Owner Fouls for Pet Poison Prevention Month

March is not just for madness -- it also happens to be Pet Poison Prevention Month. To help sports enthusiasts remember to protect their pets while cheering on their favorite teams, the toxicology experts at Pet Poison Helpline have analyzed case data and developed a list of the Elite Eight Pet Owner Fouls.


Diaper Cream and Hair Ties – A Poisonous Combination

Anyone with a Golden Retriever knows they like to put things in their mouths and chew them. So, when Kim Manzo of Fort Mill, South Carolina, found that her six-year-old dog Sawyer had gotten into her child’s diaper cream, she wasn’t too concerned.