Pet Poison Helpline has created “Toxin Tails” to educate the veterinary community and pet lovers on the many types of poisoning dangers facing pets, both in and out of the home. All the pets highlighted in “Toxin Tails” have been successfully treated for the poisoning and fully recovered.

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Previous Cases


Don’t Let a Pet Drug Overdose Ruin the High of the Holiday Season

During the holidays, Jasper was exposed to unexpected threats when a guest brought unknown medications to his house and Nugget was poisoned by inhaler medication from another home.


Chocolate Isn’t the Only Scary Thing Threatening Your Pet This Halloween

Ingesting a Costco-sized bag of chocolate chips may have saved Charlotte the Labradoodle’s life, who as a result was diagnosed with and treated for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI).


Service Dog for Child with Seizures Suffers Seizures After Ingesting Ant Poison

Preparations for an outdoor birthday party turned potentially deadly when Numa, a service dog for a child with seizures, suffered seizures after ingesting over-the-counter ant poison.


More Time Outside Means More Toxic Threats to Pets

Summer and fall weather mean more time outdoors for most American, and more toxic threats to pets. From deadly algae blooms to poisonous compost, ‘tis the season.


The One with Nearly 500 Ibuprofen Caplets

This is what happened when a table-surfing pooch named Abby made a meal out of nearly 500 ibuprofen caplets her owner left on the kitchen table.


The Two with the Fireworks

The July 4 holiday poses many risks to pets. Find out what happened when Riley ate two smoke bombs and why Luna had bright purple poop.


The One with the Decongestant

Seasonal allergy medications pose a deadly risk to pets. Just ask the family of Dodger the Chihuahua, who ingested some Claritin D he found hiding under the couch.


The One with the Lilies

Spring lilies are beautiful, but they contain toxins that can be deadly to pets, especially cats. Here’s the case of one lily-loving Las Vegas cat named Emmy.


The One with the Mystery Toxin

Veterinary assistant Katie Ballard became a client when her dog Lady nearly died from an unknown poison – potentially a euthanasia drug used a few days earlier in a pasture.


The One With the Bird

A grandmother panics when her grandson coats their pet cockatiel Tequila with Fabreze™. Six-year-old Christopher thought he was helping his grandmother clean the bird’s cage.


The One Where The Dog Ate a Mushroom

An 80-pound dog eats one of nature’s most deadly mushrooms and lives to bark about it. It was confirmed Davidson ingested a highly poisonous fungi known as a Destroying Angel mushroom.