John Gualtieri, PharmD, MT (ASCP)

Chief Pharmacovigilance Officer

Dr. Gualtieri is Vice President of Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance and a Senior Clinical Toxicologist with SafetyCall International. Dr. Gualtieri served as Clinical Toxicologist and Director of Experiential Programs at the Minnesota Regional Poison Center and Hazard Information Services and directed the Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance Program and was a Senior Clinical Toxicologist at PROSAR International Poison Center. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy where he is co-assistant director of the course in Clinical Toxicology. Dr. Gualtieri has also directed experiential programs in clinical toxicology for students in pharmacy and medicine since 1994. He received his BS in Medical Technology from Marquette University in 1987 and joined the staff of the Medical College of Wisconsin, Department of Anesthesiology serving as a Research Chemist in the HPLC and GLC analytical laboratories. He also received his board certification with the American Society of Clinical Pathology in 1987. In 1989, Dr. Gualtieri accepted a position as a Medical Technologist at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Gualtieri received a BS degree in Pharmacy in 1992 and then his Doctor of Pharmacy Degree in 1993. He completed a post-doctoral residency in Clinical Toxicology with the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Regional Poison Center at the former St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center in 1994. He has presented numerous scientific abstracts and invited presentations as well as published many scientific abstracts and articles. He is a Certified Specialist in Poison Information and holds a license to practice pharmacy in Minnesota. His primary research interests include drugs of abuse, volatile inhalant abuse, toxicology of glycol ethers, forensic toxicology, and the analytical toxicology of various drugs and chemicals compounds. He has particular expertise in drug safety and pharmacovigilance as he has been the primary individual responsible for the design and implementation of drug and medical device safety surveillance programs for multiple institutions within the health care industry.


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