The University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota is among the largest public research universities in the country, offering undergraduate, graduate, and professional students a multitude of opportunities for study and research.


Nationwide_2014_newNationwide, the nation’s oldest and largest pet health insurance provider, is partnering with Pet Poison Helpline. Our common goal is to educate pet lovers on pet poisoning hazards, as our shared passion for pets drives our commitment to providing valuable information on pet health and safety.

See our pet owner videos on cat and dog poisons that could be potentially dangerous to your pet, thanks to Nationwide Insurance!

American Kennel Club Reunite

AKC ReuniteEffective March 16, 2009, Pet Poison Helpline (PPH) has partnered with the AKC Reunite program to help you provide the best care for your pet. AKC Reunite is the nation’s largest not-for-profit pet ID and recovery service with the mission of increasing the number of lost pets that can be recovered. If you’re enrolled in AKC Reunite via Protection+, your enrollment includes access to PPH–the top toxicologist specialists out there–to ensure that your pet will receive expert help should they ever be exposed to a poison.


VitusVet LogoVitusVet, a mobile app solutions provider, has partnered with Pet Poison Helpline to give pet owners and veterinary professionals access to potentially lifesaving information from an app on their mobile phones, including Pet Poison Helpline’s extensive database of potential pet poisons and click to call functionality. VitusVet’s cloud-based mobile app gives pet owners the ability to access, track, and share their pet’s complete medical information whenever, and wherever, to help create a better health outcome for the pet.


Vetta-BlueLogo-WhiteCrossVetta is a pet health platform which allows pet owners to reach out to animal health experts through their computer or smartphone.  Pet Poison Helpline has partnered with Vetta to provide poisoning consultations for any pet who has ingested a potential toxin.  Together, we strive to give pet owners access to professional help when they need it most.


LifeLearn’s mission is to deliver innovative education and communication solutions to the life sciences community through application of modern technology. Veterinarians can work with LifeLearn to gain more clients, build customer loyalty and improve compliance with trusted LifeLearn content.

Bark Busters

NEW DD BARK BUST PMS COLOURSBark Busters Home Dog Training is the world’s largest in-home dog training company. Over the last 25 years, our founders, Sylvia and Danny Wilson, have refined a method of dog obedience training that makes dog training easy and accessible to all. With Bark Busters, you work directly with a dog trainer in your own home using a method that takes into account the unique challenges you’re facing and then fosters a positive relationship between you and your dog. This method enables you to build a lasting, emotional bond based on trust and respect, which in turn aids in overcoming past challenges with your pet. Bark Busters dog trainers focus heavily on training people, as much as training dogs, so that once you learn to communicate effectively with your dog, you will have the necessary tools to be an effective communicator and “leader of your pack.”  Please contact us at or (877)500-BARK (2275).