An Ode To My Pets: Thanksgiving Edition

By Kaitlyn Leach
Veterinary Information Specialist

IMG_0054Thanksgiving is fast approaching and with that comes multiple F words. That’s right – family, friends, food and football! Giving thanks for our loved ones is not usually forgotten during this holiday. This season, let’s not forget to also give thanks for the other (perhaps most important) F word – our furry friends! Although we may not always recognize or appreciate what they do for us, our pets play a very important role in our lives.

Here is my personalized top 10 list of why I’m thankful for my pets:

  1. No Judgement: You never have anything to say when I sleep too late or skip my morning shower. You don’t mind if I never wear makeup or if I’m still wearing pajamas at 3pm. And you actually prefer my clothes being stained as it probably means I dropped some type of food on myself that you were able to enjoy.
  2. Compassion: You know exactly how to raise my spirits when I’m feeling down. Your perfectly timed kisses and cuddles are the best way to brighten my mood.
  3. Companionship: I never have to worry about being alone. You always greet me when I return home, even if I just stepped out to check the mail. You make sure I never have to take a shower or use the bathroom by myself and always stay underfoot to ensure I trip as often as possible.
  4. Entertainment: You spend hours entertaining me without even trying. You don’t object to being dressed up and you pose for as many pictures as I force on you (roughly 1,137 based on my camera roll).
  5. Loyalty: You’re my number one fan. No matter who we’re with or what we’re doing, you’re always the most excited to spend time with me.
  6. Housekeeper: You do your best to offset the amount of vacuuming needed from shedding by eating anything and everything dropped or left on the floor. Although this isn’t always helpful, I appreciate the effort.
  7. Protection: You’re the best security system available. I never have to worry about unwanted (or wanted) visitors as you’re always the first to let me know when anyone arrives, even if it’s only the mailman. We just won’t tell anyone that your best defense is licking into submission.
  8. Social Enabler: You force me to leave the house and be social, even if I’d rather not. Trips to the vet, dog park and pet store not only allow you to socialize with your friends (or enemies at the vet) but also force me to socialize as well.
  9. Exercise: You give me a reason to get off the couch and leave the house each day. Throwing your ball in the yard, going for walks and chasing you down when you run through the neighborhood after squirrels are the only ways I remain active. Thanks for providing me with an excellent excuse to skip the gym.
  10. Love: There is nothing quite like the unconditional love you provide me. You have dedicated your life to being my best friend. You’ve been with me through good and bad times, and you certainly know more about me than I would probably like, yet you wake up every day loving me no matter what.

Here at Pet Poison Helpline®, we’re thankful for your pets too! Remember, we will be available 24/7 throughout the holiday season. Please don’t hesitate to call us if your pets take a few pointers from mine and find something potentially hazardous on the floor. We’re here to ensure your pets remain happy and healthy during the holidays.