Dr. Keyler in Print! Venomous Snakebite in the Western United States

Check out Dr. Dan Keyler’s new book!  Congratulations to Dan on this huge accomplishment.  Read more from Rattlesnake experts Manny Rubio and Dan on all western species and information from locations to toxicity.

Venomous Snakebite in the Western United States

“Venomous snakes conjure up a myriad of different reactions from people across the globe. From fear and loathing to fascination and amazement. Venomous snakes stir emotions and intrigue even the most fearful of individuals. This book not only shows a person what needs to be done in the event of an envenomation but also shows the proper way and equipment to use to avoid an envenomation from occurring.

Dan E. Keyler, Pharm.D., FAACT, Senior Clinical Toxicologist at SafetyCall and Pet Poison Helpline®, is one of the most consulted and experienced toxicologists for the treatment of snake envenomations.  In this book, Dr. Keyler goes into great detail to not only tell you the best way to deal with a bite but also discuss some of the unproven and outright misinformation about snake bite treatment and remedies.”

-Bob Ashley, Director
Chiricahua Desert Museum