Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt dough ornaments are a fun way to spend time together and focus on creating joy. As beautiful and memorable as these keepsakes may be, they can also pose a serious threat to the dogs endlessly looking for something to munch.

As few as 1-2 ornaments could make your dog very sick. There is enough salt in the ornament that your dog could easily become trembly and stumble from salt poisoning. Allow your dog to drink water, as long as it is not vomiting, while you consult us or your veterinarian. The baked ornaments can also be very difficult to pass – causing either pain or obstruction.

If you do choose to make salt dough ornaments be sure to keep pets out of the area while the crafts are being made, place the ornaments in a high location so pets can’t get them off of a counter while they are drying and then hang them on a tall, sturdy branch to avoid it from falling off the tree.

Pet and kid friendly, safer alternatives do exist in the form of craft kits – check to see if they carry these at your local craft supply store!