Keeping Pets Safe During the Texas Cold Front

Heather Handley, DVM
Senior Consulting Veterinarian, Clinical Toxicology
Pet Poison Helpline®

  • Eating foods that contain water is a good way to stay hydrated without clean water to drink. Examples are canned foods, fruits and vegetables. Note: do not feed grapes, raisins, onion, or garlic.
  • Don’t exercise too much – instead keep the mind active with puzzle feeders and indoor games like hide & seek.
  • Wipe off paws when coming inside to remove any snow or salt.
  • Cuddle together to keep each other warm.
  • Use t-shirts and socks to make coat and booties. Use layers to add warmth. Be careful not to cut off circulation if you need to secure the sock on with tape.
  • Let your dog eat snow only if it is not by a roadside/mixed with road salt.