Competitive Advantages

Our Team

  • Our dedicated full-time staff of employees, not contractors, have knowledge in multiple veterinary specialties including toxicology, emergency critical care, and internal medicine.
  • Our team has unmatched professional leadership and expertise. We’re the only poison control with veterinarians board-certified in toxicology (DABVT, DABT), internal medicine (DACVIM), and emergency and critical care (DACVECC). Many of our veterinarians hold leadership roles in various veterinary organizations.
  • We are staffed with avid animal lovers.

Our Toxicology Expertise

  • We are triple-licensed by the Boards of Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, and Pharmacy
  • Only licensed veterinary contact center in the world.
  • We have developed an extensive database of hundreds of thousands of household and commercial products and medications built over 40 years. Because of our proprietary data and years of experience, our toxicology team has access to answers others simply don’t.
  • Our medical and toxicology advice is the highest standard. In a recent industry poll, 99% of veterinary professionals surveyed said Pet Poison Helpline®’s expertise and knowledge met or exceeded their expectations.

Our Recognition

  • We are the trusted organization that consumers, veterinary professionals, academia, veterinary industry professionals, and government come to for medical and toxicological information regarding animals in the United States and Canada.
  • Our formal academic affiliation with the University of Minnesota – College of Veterinary Medicine keep us on the cutting edge of knowledge discovery and we share that knowledge with new practitioners and our peers. We teach multiple courses and sponsor annual seminars in our practice areas.

Our Scope of Practice

  • Along with SafetyCall International, we have staff that provide emergency poison control support for both animals and humans within the same organization. This approach allows for the discovery and application of new knowledge across species.
  • We have developed an extensive database of comprehensive treatments for animal exposures.
  • Our expertise includes all animal species and toxins. We have managed over 2 million animal poisoning and exposure cases.

Our Outreach Efforts

  • We dedicate substantial resources to the veterinary and pet owner communities, including free educational handouts, content contributions, speaking events, and more.
  • Our entire team is committed to education and poison prevention efforts. 

Our Company Structure

  • We are independent and not controlled or biased by any outside agency, organization, or other influence.
  • We are a profitable and established business without any venture or private equity funding. We are continually building and improving our business to save pets’ lives, not to be sold.