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Luna in New York Luna, a Corgi, ingested Coffee Beans. Lucky in California Lucky, a Rabbit, ingested Chocolate: Milk. Lily in Virginia Lily, a Cat, ingested Toilet bowl cleaner. Odin in Minnesota Odin, a Cat, ingested Borax, Boric Acid, Borates. Daisy in Utah Daisy, a Beagle, ingested Wine. Minnie in Oklahoma Minnie, a Pit Bull Terrier, ingested Carprofen. Charlie in Kentucky Charlie, a Shih Tzu, ingested Grapes/Raisins/Currants/Sultanas. Buddy in Ohio Buddy, a Newfoundland, ingested Insulation: Fiberglass. Edward in Washington Edward, a Cat, ingested Plant: Easter Lily. Geoffrey in Ontario Geoffrey , a Sheep, ingested Ibuprofen.


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