Jen McPherson, CVT

Before starting at SCI I was working at a 24/7 emergency facility. I had also previously worked for a general practice /dermatology facility. I worked for these two practices, often simultaneously, for 19 years. I was also married and had two children during this time.

I became interested in working for SCI as the toll of working at the emergency facility was becoming apparent. I realized that this was not a position that I wanted to attempt to retire from when that time came. I loved emergency medicine, but my body was beginning to disagree. When the pandemic began, I was able to take some time off to stay home with my children. During this time, I developed a shoulder condition that would make returning to the physical aspect of an emergency facility very difficult. I decided it was a perfect time for a change. I took a chance and applied to SCI.

The things I like about my work are that I am able work from home while continuing to help pets and their owners, just in a different way. I have enjoyed getting to know my co-workers from all over the US and despite being a remote agent, I feel supported by the company and my co-workers.

The part of the job I found to be most challenging was the adjustment to a work from home position in a completely new specialty. I do at times miss interacting in person with co-workers and not using my hands on nursing skills, but I could not be happier with my decision to take the leap and try something new!