Melissa Jarvis, RVT

Prior to beginning my journey at SafetyCall International/Pet Poison Helpline (SCI/PPH), I worked in a variety of clinical settings: general practice, 24/7 emergency, and ophthalmology in an academia setting with the University of Georgia. My career in veterinary medicine began in the early 2000’s and needless to say it had taken a toll on my body.

After the COVID-19 pandemic the veterinary industry started to take a toll on my mental health.  Now, it was not just affecting me physically, but mentally as well. Things had to change. I loved the patients, loved the science and medicine, but I was losing my passion.  I decided to step away from veterinary medicine for a few months as a way to help my mental health get back into a positive space. Six months after stepping away from the industry, I decided I would try to get back into the veterinary game with a work from home position. I made the decision to apply with SCI/PPH.

Starting at SCI/PPH has been one of the best chapters in my veterinary medicine career. While I was nervous about all the training, “meeting” new coworkers through a remote position, and figuring a way to settle in, SCI/PPH made that transition as smooth and stress free as possible. This is a company that truly cares about the employees.  I can say without a doubt this is the first institution I have worked with that felt like family. Finding a workplace that has the health and wellbeing of its employees as a top priority is a rarity in any field, and SCI/PPH has mastered it. There are areas to grow and expand, all with a huge support system behind it.

Being able to work from home has improved my mental health and physical health. The previous burnout is no longer a problem, I am still helping pets in a variety of ways, and as a bonus I have made so many new lifelong friends. Having horses and dogs at home and being able to spend even more time with them has been the icing on the cake.  I am looking forward to many more years with SCI/PPH. Stepping away from my comfort zone of being in a clinical setting and beginning a career with SCI/PPH has paid off ten-fold.