2023 Annual Report Card

What a year! In our 2023 Report Card, we reflect on 365 days of incredible work to help make the world a safer place for pets.

Here are a few highlights from 2023:

  1. We heard from pet parents and veterinary clinics all over North America this year – especially in Texas, California, New York and Florida.
  2. Our most common call was chocolate (which reigned supreme in 2022, too)! With more cannabis legalizations, we have seen rises in toxins related to marijuana throughout the year and kept a close eye on those trends.
  3. We served a variety of species this year – 99% were cats and dogs, but we had calls about cattle, horses, goats, pigs and exotic animals (just to name a few), too!
  4. We hosted and shared lots of education efforts in 2023. 25 blogs were written, 9 webinars were hosted, 41 students were mentored, and we shared helpful and educational materials with all 50 states!
  5. Toxin Tails were a hit in 2023. Our patient’s stories were picked up by news outlets like New York Times Online and USA Today Online. Those stories were viewed over 40,000 times!

Our staff worked 24/7 to keep your pets safe and we are thankful for your trust in us all year round to do just that. Cheers to a great year behind us and an even better year ahead!

-The Pet Poison Helpline® Team