Pet Safe Seal of Approval Dog Recipes

In honor of Poison Prevention Month, and in partnership with AKC Reunite, Pet Poison Helpline® has created a Pet Safe campaign to educate pet owners about making homemade treats using dog safe ingredients. We will share several recipes throughout the month that feature our Pet Safe seal of approval. The Pet Safe seal identifies recipes that are safe for dogs when created and fed as directed.

To kick off the campaign, we are serving up Easy Cheese Puff Bites! This treat is irresistible to dogs and safe to feed when prepared following recipe instructions. While some dogs may be sensitive to dairy products, most handle cheese well.  If your dog were to ingest an entire batch of treats in one sitting, stomach upset would be expected so keep them out of reach.  Although very rare, oregano has been reported to cause allergic reactions, however, that would not be expected with the small amount present in this recipe.  Be sure to keep the oregano container out of reach to avoid the chance for your furry companion ingesting a large amount straight from the bottle.

Don’t forget, too much is usually never a good thing, even of pet safe treats. Veterinary nutritionists recommend treats not exceed 10% of a pet’s daily calorie intake.  This recommendation can vary depending on your pet’s weight and health. Consulting with your pet’s veterinarian as to what amount would be healthy for your pet is recommended. The American College of Veterinary Nutrition is a great resource on nutrition related information. You can access more information on nutrition and treats for your pets here: