Recommended Reading

This is a recommended reading list for pet loss from Argus Institute of Colorado State University. Neither Pet Poison Helpline® nor Argus Institute profit or endorse these resources.

Goodbye My Friend by Herb and Mary Montgomery, Montgomery Press, ISBN 1879779005 (2001)

This soft cover, 31 page booklet offers the reader comfort by providing a variety of personal stories written by different individuals who have experienced the loss of a pet. Stories range from sentimental, to educational (helping children) to uplifting, and provide an opportunity for individual reflection.

A Final Act of Caring by Herb and Mary Montgomery, Montgomery Press, ISBN 1879779021 (1993)

This soft cover booklet provides comfort to pet owners who must deal with end-of-life decisions for their pets. It encourages people to seek medical facts and emotional support from their veterinarian in order to clearly understand all options available. It includes information about euthanasia.

Journey Through Pet Loss by Deborah Antinori, YokoSpirit Publications, ISBN 0966884817 (Revised edition 2000) Audio Cassette

Journey Through Pet Loss is an insightful, creative, and heartfelt odyssey through the loss of a beloved companion animal. As an experienced drama therapist, Deborah Antinori understands the importance of using creativity and imagery to help move grief from the intellectual realm, to the emotional one. Anyone suffering from the loss of a special friend should experience Deborah’s unique approach to healing. She provides valuable ideas in a way that feels very personal and meaningful. (review by Dana Durrance, formerly of Argus)

Pets Living with Cancer: A Pet Owner’s Resource by Robing Downing, DVM, American Animal Hospital Association, ISBN 1583260226 (April, 2000)

Where do you turn for an educational resource for your clients whose pets have just been diagnosed with cancer? Pets Living With Cancer will help you educate your clients about their pet’s cancer diagnosis, treatment options, and their role in the pet’s therapy. Taking a sensitive and caring approach to your clients’ fears will help them face their pet’s diagnosis with a positive outlook. Dr. Robin Downing shares her expertise and personal experience with her own dog, Murphy.

Grieving the Death of a Pet by Betty J. Carmack, Augsburg Fortress Publishers, ISBN 080664348X (January, 2003)

In this book, Carmack draws from her experience of counseling more than two thousand people who have lost a beloved pet, as well as the loss of her Rocky and other furry friends. She offers the book as a kind of pet-loss support group to counter “a world that reminds us repeatedly that grief for an animal doesn’t count as much as grief for a person.” (Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.)

Surviving the Heartbreak of Choosing Death for Your Pet: Your Personal Guide for Dealing with Pet Euthanasia by Linda Mary Peterson, Greentree Publishing, ISBN 0965257223 (1997)

From a customer who purchased this book: “Having to choose death for my best friend of 20 years was incredibly painful and brought feelings of guilt, despair, relief and depression. At the time, I felt I might just be losing my mind. This book helped me work through all of my feelings. It gave me a peaceful feeling. It let me know, that I was not alone. There are a number of useful references in the back.”

Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet by Gary Kowalski, Stillpoint Publishing, ISBN 1883478227, (1997)

Kowalski’s book is full of sound, compassionate advice to get you through the loss of your pet(s). The book addresses animals’ grieving; their life spans; their growth, illnesses and needs. These are similar to ours: need to eat, to exercise, to sleep, to have fun, to enjoy companionship and to expect routine. Kowalski includes advice on how to take care of yourself after the death of a pet and the importance of honesty when talking with children about this event. (summarized from a review by Independent Publisher)

My Personal Pet Remembrance Journal by Enid Traisman, Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital, ISBN 0965113108 (1998)

This gentle and enchanting journal is an excellent place to celebrate the life and passing of a much-cherished animal companion. It encourages a deep and healing introspection, gives tribute to the unique gifts of out animal companons, and documents our path into, up, and beyond the dark hollow of mourning and grief. (summarized from a review by Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Workshop)

The Loss of a Pet, ISBN-13: 9780764579301 (2005)

A cherished pet gives you boundless, unconditional love and occupies a special place in your routine, your home, and your heart. When your pet dies, that warm, special place becomes a sad, empty space. This book helps you understand:
* The grieving process, including typical stages of grief and techniques for coping
* Grieving for a missing pet, one you had to give up because of a change in life situation, and other difficult circumstances
* Children and the death of a pet
* Euthanasia, including important considerations
* Religion and the death of a pet, with articles by various religious leaders
* Aftercare facilities, including an extensive index of pet cemeteries, crematories, and memorial gardens

Aloha Cheerio, ISBN 9781463431181

Aloha Cheerio is about a beloved friend and member of the family for over 15 years. Her years are remembered with the love and fun she gave to one and all. Time passes as her life also slips away. It is a heartfelt story based on a little dogs life with her family and the experiences they had together. Cheerio’s passing left a void in the family’s life they are slowly filling. The book is designed to help other families as they are dealing with the death of a loved one be it human or animal. The author hopes this will ease someone else’s sorrow upon losing a dear family member.