How to Poison Proof Your Utility Room

  • Mouse and rat poisonKeep rodenticides (rat and mouse poison) far away from pets and be mindful of the fact that rodents can transfer the products to locations accessible by pets. Also, certain rodenticides do not have antidotes. If you need to use rodenticides in your home, consult your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline in order to select one that is safest for your pet.
  • When using insecticides in your home or on your pets, read the label before using. Never use flea and tick products meant for dogs on your cat as they may cause tremors and seizures.
  • Keep glues out of reach. Some glues, such as Gorilla Glue®, expand greatly once ingested and require surgical removal. Just one ounce of glue may expand to the size of a basketball! Thus, keep pets out of the room when using glue in a home improvement project.

Download our Spot the Pet Poisons in your Home infographic here.