Safe Plants for Your Furry Friend

Those with a nurturing spirit might want to raise plants as well as four-legged creatures. To encourage a safe compromise, we made a list of a few plants that should be safe to keep in the same home as pets. Keep in mind that eating anything outside of the regular diet can cause stomach upset and diarrhea – this includes any plant.

The “Succulent Craze” is a good one to jump onboard with. Many of these popular plants – Jade Plant, Christmas cactus, Sedum, Agave, Money plant, Crown of Thorns, Hoya, Living Stone Plant – could cause a bad taste in the mouth or mild stomach upset if ingested, but not likely an urgent trip in to see your veterinarian.

If you are looking more for the blooming varieties, then consider Geranium, African Violet, Hibiscus, Cyclamen, and Orchids.

Other lovely plants could include Ficus, Bromeliad, Calathea (Peacock plant), and Croton petra.

Cala lilies, Peace lilies, Snake plants, and Anthurium are beautiful plants that are uncomfortable/painful to eat. If you want these plants, try to deter you pet from accessing them. The same goes for the plants that look like toys, such as the Ponytail Palm or the Spider plant.

*Please note that you do not want to have any true lilies (Lilium sp, Hemerocallis sp.) in a house with cats. Even if you don’t think your cat will bother them, these plants are a hard NO for cat owners.  Sago palms have become more popular as indoor plants and can cause fatal liver failure to occur, so another hard NO for any home with a pet.