If you are looking for a pet that is independent and can take care of themselves, cats are the way to go. Even though cats are self-sufficient, they sometimes need help. BNP ointment for cats and dogs is one type of medication that can help treat the infection your pet has, but it is important to be aware of some of the side effects associated with this ointment. BNP ointment may be required to help treat your cat’s bacterial eye infection. 

BNP Ointment Overview 

Cats can pick up a variety of bacteria in their eyes and, as a result, experience painful symptoms from an eye infection. One way to help that is BNP Ointment which is a sterile ointment that is applied to the surface of the eyes of cats and dogs to treat eye infections. It is a prescription eye ointment that can be obtained to treat bacterial infections of the conjunctiva and eyelids that are brought on by microorganisms. BNP with Hydrocortisone Triple Antibiotic Ophthalmic Ointment has hydrocortisone as a main component to help relieve inflammation. Cats can contract bacterial infections from a variety of things, including tainted food, water, and their environment. 

Possible Side Effects 

Cats may have an allergic reaction to neomycin and polymyxin B, two ingredients in BNP Triple Antibiotic Ointment. Itching, burning, and inflammation may also occur. Hypersensitivity has been reported in cats after the first 4 hours of application. Due to this, it is extremely important to never use a BNP ointment on your cat without direction from your veterinarian.  If any of these noticeable side effects occur, discontinue use and immediately call your veterinarian and Pet Poison Helpline®. 

How Safe Is BNP Ointment?

BNP Ointment is FDA approved and can be used to treat animals, including dogs and cats. It can also be used in conjunction with other therapies that are prescribed by your veterinarian. Always carefully follow your veterinarian’s instructions on administration and dosage. To give a proper dosage of BNP Ointment for cats: be sure that you have cleaned and dried your hands before handling BNP. Your hands should be dry so you do not accidentally spread moisture from your hands onto your pet’s body. Consult your veterinarian if your cat’s infection does not get better or even worsens. If you have any questions or concerns regarding BNP Ointment for your cat, call Pet Poison Helpline® at (855) 764-7661 and your vet right away.