A&D ointment is a topical ointment used as a moisturizer in treating and preventing dry, scaly, itchy, or rough skin. It also treats diaper rash, skin burns, and minor cuts. A&D ointment is safe for adults and babies, but is A&D ointment safe for dogs? Yes, if applied in moderation and under supervision. However, it can be harmful if applied without care or if your dog mistakenly ingests it. 

Can A&D Ointment Cause Poisoning in Dogs? 

There are varying ingredients in several types of A&D ointment. Some contain petrolatum and lanolin as active ingredients, while the active compound in some is zinc oxide and dimethicone. However, almost all contain cod liver oil as an active ingredient. You can treat a wounded dog or a dog suffering from skin conditions like rashes with A&D, but health issues may arise if your pet licks the area where you applied the ointment. 

Since pets are known to lick the surface of their wounds to soothe pain and discomfort, you cannot always be assured that they won’t ingest it. Other times, it may be that your dog has mistakenly gotten hold of an ointment tube as a play toy and chewed into it. Fortunately, small exposures of this product are not expected to cause a large concern aside from mild stomach upset. On the rare chance that a full tube is ingested, more significant signs may occur. If your dog ingests a tube of ointment, they may show a combination of symptoms from both types of poisoning. 

Symptoms Following A&D Ointment Ingestion 

The most obvious sign of zinc oxide poisoning from A&D ointment is vomiting, but lethargy, diarrhea and a loss of appetite may also develop.  

Treatment of A&D Ingestion 

Since A&D ointment is irritating to the stomach, most pets will vomit on their own, which generally removes much of the ingested product.  If vomiting continues, pets may need to receive medication from their veterinarian to stop the nausea.  If the entire tube was ingested, there is a concern for a foreign body or intestinal obstruction to develop depending on the pet’s size. Blood transfusion – to address anemia and replace iron in the blood 

While a quick visit to the vet may be your dog’s ultimate chance between life and death, Pet Poison Helpline® can help with invaluable first-aid advice. If you believe your furry friend has consumed A&D ointment, call your vet and Pet Poison Helpline® at (855) 764-7661 to receive the best care for your dog.