As a dog owner, you know it’s inevitable that your pup will consume something that they’re not supposed to. This can range from toxic foods, human meds, cleaning products and more. Inducing vomiting in dogs is an effective way to remove toxic substances from their system. It is important to note that untrained individuals without the guidance of a veterinarian can further harm their dog if they attempt to induce vomiting. Be sure to keep your dog’s safety in mind, as some substances can cause further harm if they come back up.   

Hydrogen Peroxide to Induce Vomiting in Dogs 

Sometimes the best way to keep your dog from getting sick or poisoned is by making them vomit. They may vomit on their own which can save you from doing it yourself, but if that does not happen, you will have to take action. You should only ever attempt to induce vomiting under the guidance of a veterinarian. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, take your dog to the emergency vet clinic right away so a medical professional can induce vomiting. 

Dogs can be given hydrogen peroxide 3-percent solution to make them vomit. Hydrogen peroxide is typically found in many homes. Consult your vet before administering the peroxide to determine the correct dosage for your pet. Hydrogen peroxide irritates the digestive system within 10-15 minutes of ingesting it. Vomiting can last as long as 45 minutes, so make sure that your dog is comfortable. Giving too high of a dosage can put your pet in danger, so it is important to talk with your veterinarian before administering and follow their instructions closely. 

Why is My Dog Vomiting?  

Your dog may be vomiting for several reasons. A vomiting episode can be indicative of your dog’s current health. Dog owners should take vomiting very seriously. They may have eaten an irritant that their body is trying to get rid of. Vomiting is a common symptom of many illnesses, so it is important to get your dog evaluated by a vet. If your dog is drowsy, unconscious, or having convulsions, do not induce vomiting. Calling your veterinarian and Pet Poison Helpline® (855) 764-7661 is the best course of action, as inducing vomit may not be effective if the ingestion occurred more than two to six hours ago, depending on what was consumed.