When your eyes get itchy, red, irritated, and watery, we all know what to do: reach for the Visine! While it is tempting to go for the Visine and provide some comfort to your dog’s eyes, resist the urge. Just because it is safe for humans does not mean it is safe for dogs. Visine is not FDA-approved for dogs and can cause catastrophic injury to your dog’s eyes. If your dog is having eye issues, your vet will prescribe your dog with dog friendly eye drops.

Why Do Dogs Need Eye Drops?

Monitor your dog for any abnormal behavior around their eyes, especially if they are constantly pawing or rubbing their eyes. Dogs may need eye drops because of allergies, post-surgery care, to fight cataracts, and more.

Your vet will prescribe eye drops depending on your dog’s health. Follow the vet’s instructions for administering eye drops. Read below for tips:

  • Clean the area around the eye with a cotton ball
  • Hold your dog gently and securely between your knees or have another person restrain your dog
  • Position the bottle just above the eye and squeeze the prescribed amount of drops
  • Let your dog blink and spread the solution
  • Reward your dog for doing something that can be uncomfortable

Is Visine Harmful to Dogs?

Using Visine on a dog is a bad idea since it may cause eye irritation and even blindness. Instead, speak with your veterinarian about obtaining eye drops designed specifically for dogs that have been authorized by the FDA. Visine’s negative effects on animals have not been studied. Its danger may lie in its blood vessel constriction ability.

What If I Used Visine on My Dog?

If you used Visine for your dog’s eyes before knowing the dangers quickly contact your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline® at (855) 764-7661. They will provide information on your next steps. If needed, go to a vet clinic so a vet can examine your dog. Your dog may be experiencing clinical signs if they ingested Visine. The vet will provide instructions on how to appropriately take care of your dog.