My Dog Ate A Diaper. What Do I Do?

Having a dog and a new baby can be a wonderful time in your life. As happy as it can be, it can also be very stressful.  There are baby items that can be dangerous to dogs. An example is diapers, while they are an essential item for a baby, they can be very dangerous to dogs if they decide to eat them. To ensure the safety of your dog, read the list of baby items below that can be toxic to your pup and make sure to keep them out of reach. 

Common Baby Items That Are Toxic to Dogs 

Babies need a lot of supplies, and some of them pose a danger to your dog. Below is a general list of baby items that can be toxic to dogs.  

  • Diapers and Wipes: Diapers and wipes can carry fecal matter from your baby. Ingesting diapers and wipes can cause stomach upset, vomiting, and even blockages in the intestines. 
  • Diaper Rash Ointment: Zinc oxide and vitamins are commonly found in diaper rash ointments. Your dog’s gastrointestinal tract can be irritated from diaper rash ointments. If your pup vomits, the ointment can enter their lungs, leading to serious and potentially life-threatening aspiration pneumonia. To avoid any issues, make sure to keep all tubes of ointment out of your dog’s reach. 
  • Formula: While formula and its containers can be tasty snacks for your pup, they can lead to gastrointestinal upset or obstruction if ingested. The formula itself contains vitamins and iron, which can be toxic if a large enough quantity is eaten or if the dog is smaller in size. It is best to keep formula containers away from your pup and to seek medical attention if you suspect they have ingested any formula. 
  • Teething Gels: Teething gels contain several ingredients that are dangerous to dogs. One is benzocaine, a local anesthetic. Some can also contain xylitol, a sugar-free sweetener, which is highly toxic to dogs. Consuming benzocaine or xylitol can lead to severe issues. Several symptoms include vomiting, depression, heart arrhythmias, difficulty breathing, and methemoglobinemia. Benzocaine can numb the throat, leading to an increased risk of aspiration if your dog vomits. Xylitol can cause a dangerous drop in blood sugar levels as well as liver failure. 

If your dog consumed any baby items such as the ones listed above, contact Pet Poison Helpline at (855) 764-7661 and your veterinarian for medical help. Your veterinarian will assess the situation and act accordingly. If you have any further questions or concerns give the experts at Pet Poison Helpline a call today!