Dogs are exceptionally curious animals, but puppies are new to the world and learning about new things every day. The way for them to learn is to roam around and even get into new things. They could come across something that smells so good and makes their mouths water… CHOCOLATE! 


Oh no! We know that our dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate, but puppies don’t know any better, right? Below is all the information that you need to know about puppies and chocolate.  


Why is Chocolate Poisonous to Puppies?  

What should you do if your puppy ate chocolate? First off, do everything you can to prevent your puppy from eating chocolate. Attempting to prevent any accidents from happening is key. Chocolate is dangerous because it contains harmful chemicals like caffeine and theobromine.  

Theobromine is metabolized slower in dogs than humans, which means that hazardous quantities may build up in their bodies. Different types of chocolate contain different theobromine concentrations. Therefore, a dog’s size, the amount of chocolate ingested, and the kind of chocolate consumed may cause potential symptoms. 


What are the Symptoms of Chocolate Poisoning in Puppies?  

If puppies eat different quantities of chocolate, they can still experience symptoms of chocolate poisoning. Older and larger dogs can experience the symptoms as well. Indications can differ and even be more severe depending on the size of the dog and the quantity of chocolate ingested. Toxic effects of theobromine are possible when consumed in significant doses from chocolate or cocoa products. 


Symptoms include:  

      Tremors in the muscles and limbs 


      Irregular heartbeats 


      Increased heart rate 


What to Do If My Puppy Ate Chocolate?  

It is impossible to deny that the effects of chocolate poisoning are frightening. If you see your puppy having visible signs of chocolate poisoning, you need to act quickly.  


If your puppy has eaten chocolate, call your veterinarian and Pet Poison Helpline® at (855)764-7661 to get professional help. If required, veterinarians may induce vomiting within two hours of intake. Keep your puppy safe and healthy by taking preventative steps to avoid chocolate poisoning.