The Dangers of Baby Formula for Dogs 

Having a baby and a dog at home can be a cause for chaos. While it is an exciting time, you now have to care for two living beings who depend on you. There are essential items that your baby needs for survival that are toxic to dogs and vice versa. One of those many things is baby formula. Formula is how your baby gets their nutrients, but ingestion is not necessary for dogs and can cause problems. Continue reading below to learn about the dangerous combination of baby items and dogs.  

Common Baby Items That Are Toxic to Dogs  

  • Formula: Most dogs would not turn formula away if they had the opportunity to try it. Unfortunately, formula can cause GI upset and potential obstruction if the container was ingested as well. If your dog is small in size, the vitamins and iron found in formula can be toxic, so you will need to be aware of how much they consumed.  
  • Diapers and Wipes: Unfortunately, dogs will eat diapers and wipes whether they are dirty or clean. This typically isn’t a major cause for concern, but GI upset and possible obstruction in the GI tract can occur.  
  • Diaper Rash Ointment: Ointment tubes can look like chew toys to dogs. Rash creams can contain zinc oxide or vitamins. These creams can irritate the GI tract. If your dog vomits up the cream it can get into the lungs, leading to severe aspiration pneumonia.  
  • Sunscreen: Applying sunscreen to your baby when you take them and your dog out for your daily walk is essential. Sunscreen can contain ingredients that are closely related to aspirin. If your dog ingests sunscreen, signs of toxicity can range from stomach upset to life-threatening symptoms. The GI tract, respiratory system, central nervous system, and kidneys can all be affected. The risk of aspiration pneumonia from vomiting is also present.  

If your pup ingests any of the baby items listed above, you must call your veterinarian and Pet Poison Helpline at (855) 764-7661 for immediate medical assistance. Treatment will depend on what was ingested, the amount, and the health history of your pup. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to the trusted team at Pet Poison Helpline to ease your mind.