Samantha Copeland

My journey into vet med started while I was in high school. While applying for colleges, I was considering going to school to be a veterinarian. It was then suggested that I gain some experience volunteering with animals so I began volunteering at a day practice near my school. After completing some hours, the owner/head veterinarian offered me employment as a kennel technician. This was the beginning of my journey! I very quickly trained to become a receptionist then when scheduling conflicts arose with my college classes, I eventually made my way to a local emergency clinic. Two months into working at this new practice, I was offered the opportunity to train as a technician. I spent many years working at this ER and gained so much experience and knowledge. I will always be grateful to the doctor who gave me this opportunity.

The physical demand and unpredictable hours lead to my decision to leave emergency. I was at a point in my life when I needed to prioritize my family. I briefly returned to day practice and quickly realized it was not where I belonged long term. Upon exploring my options, I discovered SafetyCall International/ Pet Poison Helpline (SCI/PPH). The more I researched the company, I knew this is where I wanted to end up! I was so adamant to be apart of this company, I applied three times! The persistence was SO worth it.

I was hired as a Veterinary Industry Representative in August 2022. Now, I have crossed train to work another role and it has been great as well.  I was a bit intimidated initially as I had no prior experience in this line of work. The training process was AMAZING. I had a month to deep dive and learn how to do my role. The training team was amazing with not only planning my onboarding, but addressing any questions or concerns I had. As time has passed, I still have the comfort of asking anyone any questions, including my supervisor, without the fear of judgement. This is the perfect environment to continue learning and growing.

Transitioning to being at a desk and taking calls remotely was a bit difficult in the beginning. Overtime I have found that having a standing desk, walking pad, and a solid routine pre/post work has made it a breeze. Another aspect of working for SCI/PPH that I enjoy is the culture. Every person I have crossed, regardless of their position, has been so friendly and approachable. This company offers many things such as a wellness committee and different clubs to be a part of. I am currently a member of the Wellness Committee and the book club. As a member of the Wellness Committee, we plan many different activities throughout the year to help keep everyone engaged. One of my favorite things offered is the kudos program! I was given the opportunity to become the Kudos Coordinator and I love sharing all the kudos within the company as it helps company morale. There are many things I could continue to positively share about this company but ultimately, I foresee myself being here for many more years!