Pet Poison Helpline has created “Toxin Tails” to educate the veterinary community and pet lovers on the many types of poisoning dangers facing pets, both in and out of the home. All the pets highlighted in “Toxin Tails” have been successfully treated for the poisoning and fully recovered.

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Canine Magician Makes Salted Dough Christmas Ornaments Disappear

Mary Mueller and her husband Paul Benson were enjoying a family day of baking after Christmas last year, making salted dough Christmas ornaments


Playful Puppy Nearly Dies After Ingesting Cigarette

Arizona dust storms can be dangerous, but one recent gust carried something deadly into Corinna Lopez’s backyard


Missing Dog Found High on Pot Brownies

When your pet goes missing, panic sets in. Did someone take them? Were they hit by a car? Are they safe? For Jake Carrigan of Hutchinson, Minn., his missing dog story is more like an old Cheech and Chong comedy bit, except it could have had a tragic ending.


Moldy Dinner Scraps Nearly Kill Hungry Dog

As summer begins to wind down, festive outdoor barbeques transition to indoor crock-pot feasts. After that slowly simmering supper has been served, however, the toxicology experts at Pet Poison Helpline want to warn pet lovers not to leave the leftovers out where an animal can find them.


Hair Loss Drug Can be Deadly to Pets

Humans are obsessed with hair. We have entire industries dedicated to growing it, losing it, regrowing it, artificially replacing it, washing it, cutting it, coloring it, shaving it, waxing it, styling it, covering it and photographing it. We even have a smash Broadway musical celebrating it.


Counter-surfing Dog Nearly Dies After Ingesting Cancer Treatment Cream

Anyone with a pet large enough, or agile enough, to reach the top of a counter knows that nothing is safe. While most people are worried about animals stealing food, a potentially more dangerous situation occurs when pets accidentally ingest human medications left out where a pet can reach them.


Playful Pooch Plays Catch with Potentially Deadly Chlorine Tablet

Like most dogs, Thunder likes to play catch. So, when he saw Amy Chaplin throw a large chlorine tablet into the family’s backyard swimming pool, he thought it was game on.


Hide That Guacamole This Cinco de Mayo if You Have a Pet Rabbit

What they may not know, however, is that both the delicious fruit and the plant’s leaves are highly toxic to many animals, including rabbits, birds and large animals like cows, goats and sheep.


Dog Poisoned from Drinking Windshield Cleaner at Gas Station

Last summer Luis Gutierrez and his dog Bobby hit the road from Covina, Calif. to head to Utah to ride Razors. On the way, they came across something they don’t see at home – an open bucket of windshield cleaner sitting between the pumps at the roadside gas station.


Dog Swallows Fitbit That Continues to Track Her Movement

Anyone who has ever raised a puppy knows that they like to swallow things. Sometimes strange things. So, when Marie Fournier went to retrieve her Fitbit from its charging cord in her bedroom and found it missing, it didn’t take long for her to suspect a suspect.


Valentine’s Day Pet Dangers

If you’re planning something romantic this Valentine’s Day, remember to protect the ones you love – the furry ones. The toxicology experts at Pet Poison Helpline® want to warn pet lovers about the dangers posed by various common romantic gestures, such as massage oil, candles, flowers and yes, especially chocolate.


Hungry Hamster Fills Cheeks with Potentially Deadly Antidepressant

With a name like Professor Sweetcheeks, you wouldn’t think he needed mood medications. When this rascally rodent got his paws on some sertraline, the active ingredient in Zoloft, however, the drug made its way into his cheeks faster than you can say, well, Professor Sweetcheeks.