Pet Poison Helpline has created “Toxin Tails” to educate the veterinary community and pet lovers on the many types of poisoning dangers facing pets, both in and out of the home. All the pets highlighted in “Toxin Tails” have been successfully treated for the poisoning and fully recovered.

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Partying Pooch Downs 15 Jell-O Shots on New Year’s Eve!

People tend to overindulge during the holidays, particularly on New Year’s Eve, but their pets don’t usually join the party. Tyler Kronstedt of Andover, Minn. and his fiancé returned home from a New Year’s Eve celebration last year tired from the trip and, as it turned out, feeling the effects of undiagnosed Covid.


Golden Retriever Poisoned by Thanksgiving Bread Rolls

Last Thanksgiving, that hunger and curiosity almost ruined the family’s celebration when the then two-year-old Golden Retriever had a severe reaction after consuming bread dough that was rising in the kitchen.


Spiders, Snakes and Other Spooky Pet Poison Dangers

Halloween conjures up many images, including spiders, snakes, ghosts and, for many revelers, buckets of candy. Most pet lovers know not to give their animals chocolate, but spiders and snakes can also pose a real danger to pets.


Crack is Whack, Especially for Drug Detection Dogs

 It’s not unusual for law enforcement to investigate and arrest suspected drug dealers and buyers, and they often use trained police service dogs to assist.  Unfortunately, some of these public service animals come into direct contact with dangerous narcotics, requiring immediate medical treatment.


Apricot Snacks Poison Rural Canadian Puppy

Sometimes, it is just good to be lucky. When Melissa Martin decided to take her Golden Retriever puppy Subaru with her on a trip to the “big city,” she had no idea it would save the dog’s life.


Onion Powder Poisons Probing Pooch

It’s summer. Time to fire up the barbeque, throw on your favorite meats or vegetables, and demonstrate your culinary skills with your secret blend of spices. It turns out that one of those popular summertime seasonings, onion powder, can also be an extremely dangerous but tempting treat to your pet.


Sushi Snack Poisons Scavenging Yorkie

Californians love their sushi. In fact, California residents Google “sushi” more than any other state, so it should have been no surprise when a Hesperia-area dog was recently treated for eating a poisonous pufferfish that escaped from its tank.


Winnie the Pug’s Unlucky Penny

Every dog lover knows that pets swallow items they shouldn’t, so when Alicia Thunder’s playful pug Winnie vomited several coins, she wasn’t that concerned.


If Your Easter Bunny Catches Fleas, Don’t Do This!

For many adults, Easter is time of joyous celebration and hope. To children, it’s also a season filled with wonder, Easter egg hunts and… bunnies!


German Shepherd Exposed to Deadly Industrial Coolant – Case Number Matches Pi

When Nolan Jenkins took his eight-year-old German Shepherd Duke to work with him maintaining equipment used for natural gas compression, he had no idea that math would send him to the pet hospital later that day.


Hidden Heart Medication Poisons Pet Prior to Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day is a holiday of the heart, the toxicology experts at Pet Poison Helpline® scoured their files to see if any heart-related cases were received during Cupid’s favorite week. For two mischievous pets, it turns out that ingesting a bag of heart medication hidden in pill pockets nearly killed their love of life.


Probing Pooch Severely Poisoned by Eating 600 Sleep Supplements

Mav, a nine-year-old Labrador, ingested up to 600 dietary sleep supplements and the rural veterinarian who was treating him was about to handle her first case of the rare but potentially deadly serotonin syndrome.