A Few Brief Summer Safety Tips

Cat OutdoorsAs temperatures rise over the summer there are many things to keep in mind to ensure that our pets stay safe.  While our pets are part of the family it is important to make sure that we keep their best interests in mind when enjoying time with them.

During warmer weather it is important to always keep fresh water available for your pets to ensure that they are able to regulate their body temperatures and not overheat.  If your pet spends time outdoors also ensure that they have access to plenty of shade.  Just like us our pets can overheat when kept outside without adequate protection from the sun.  Keep in mind that our pets can also get sunburned especially if they have short hair, it may be more noticeable on pets with white fur.

Make sure that you are not leaving pets in parked cars even if the windows are open.  Temperatures can climb quickly inside leading to heat stroke or exhaustion. Even when the sun is not out temperatures can rise to unsafe levels in a matter of a few minutes.  It is best to only bring your pets with if necessary and leave your pets at home if you are traveling to a destination that does not allow them.

We all want to enjoy our summers outside and taking our 4 legged friends for a walk is a great way to burn off energy and help keep them active. Remember to use caution when walking your pets on sunny or hot days as pavement temperatures can reach high levels quickly especially when the sun out.  Even if the air temperature feels cool enough to head out make sure you are not burning your pet’s feet by walking them on the hot surface.

Summer is a great time to enjoy gatherings with friends and family.  During these gatherings we may have new people and foods around that may be toxic to our pets.  Keep in mind that some fruits like grapes can cause risk of acute renal failure when ingested by our furry friends.  Also keep in mind that fruits that contain pits or seeds can also pose risk of toxicity.  While it often takes large quantities of the seeds to cause toxicity concern they also pose a risk for foreign body obstruction.   Make sure you check out a more detailed list of toxic foods on our website at http://petpoisonhelp.wpengine.com/poisons/