D-CON to Replace Pellet Products with New Line of Bait Rodenticides in 2015

Breaking news! After over two years of ongoing debate between the EPA and the makers of d-CON mouse poison, the parties have reached an agreement. D-CON will comply with new EPA rodenticide standards and will switch to a different anticoagulant ingredient (diphacinone). The good news here is that this anticoagulant has a readily available antidote and blood test which makes it relatively easy for vets to treat exposed pets (as opposed to bromethalin, the popular neurotoxicant, which has no test or antidote.)

Read the full press release here: d-CON to Replace Pellet Products in 2015

If you’re a veterinary professional, please join us for a RACE approved webinar on Tuesday, June 10 to learn more about the new face of rodenticides in the US.