Keep the Label!

By Catherine Angle, DVM, MPH
Staff Veterinarian

PharmaceuticalsHere at Pet Poison Helpline®, we strive to provide you with all the information you need to help you make informed medical decisions for you pet.  We hate to interrupt family time with a vet visit if you don’t need to and want your pet to get the exact medical care they need and nothing more or less.

Should an accidental poisoning occur, the most important thing you can do is keep the physical product your pet got into on hand, namely the label for your prescription drugs, lawn product and pesticides.  If you purchase a product, medication, supplement or poison, keep the bag, box or pharmacy handout in a drawer.  I keep all my yard products on a shelf in my garage for easy access for me, and impossible access for my pets; however, if the impossible were to become possible, I would have all of the labeled information I need.  This is especially important with rodent baits that can be ingested by pets and children months later.

Always bring a list of your medications with you when you travel.  Especially if you put the medications in a 7 day pill organizer.  Place a piece of paper in your wallet, purse or suitcase that states the medications you are on (name, mg strength, frequency and if they are extended release).  If you have a medical emergency, that information will help your doctor give you the best medical care possible and if your son-in-law’s prize hunting lab helps itself to your heart medicine, it will give us and your vet the information we need to figure out what you need to do next.