PPH World: Australia & New Zealand

Pet Poison Helpline®, North America’s premier animal poison control center, is excited to announce our recent expansion into Australia and New Zealand.

Over the past 15 years, Pet Poison Helpline® has managed more than 1 million animal poisoning consultations. By expanding our network of services internationally, we will be able to accomplish our mission of saving pets’ lives and making the world a safer place for animals on a much larger scale.

How does it work? 
Pet Poison Helpline®’s services are available to any veterinary professional in Australia by calling 0011-800-4444-0002and New Zealand by calling 00-800-4444-0002. We charge a per case fee of $69 US dollars. This fee is payable by credit card and includes the initial consultation, all follow-up calls associated with the management of the case, and an email of our case report to the treating hospital.

What is Pet Poison Helpline®?
Pet Poison Helpline® is a 24/7 animal poison control service available to North American pet owners and veterinary professionals who require assistance with treating a potentially poisoned pet (in Australia and New Zealand, our services are limited to veterinary professionals only). We provide consultations on any toxin and any species. Our staff includes veterinarians board-certified in toxicology, internal medicine , emergency and critical care, and certified veterinary nurses.

What type of exposures can Pet Poison Helpline® assist with?
Pet Poison Helpline® can provide consultations on any toxin and all species, including companion animals, birds, large animals, and exotics.

What makes Pet Poison Helpline® the right choice?

  • Experience: Since 2004, Pet Poison Helpline® has managed over one million cases involving pet poisonings and amassed an extensive internal database to draw from.
  • Sought after expertise: As thought leaders, our experts are frequently asked to consult with regulatory agencies, industry, academia, and to present at state and national scientific conferences.
  • A mission to educate: We are committed to educating veterinary professionals via no-cost RACE-approved national webinars and contributions to the scientific literature.
  • Up-to-date knowledge: Our treatment guidelines are always being reviewed and updated to reflect the most current information available so that our callers receive the best possible care.
  • A One-Health approach: In addition to Pet Poison Helpline®, we also operate SafetyCall International, an industry poison control center, which manages both human and animal poisonings. This unique arrangement gives us the opportunity to collaborate with pharmacists and physicians with advanced training in toxicology. Pet Poison Helpline® is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and holds licensure with the Minnesota boards of medicine, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy. Together with our parent company, SafetyCall International, we are the only human and animal triple licensed health care practice in the world.

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding Pet Poison Helpline® International, please contact us at info@petpoisonhelpline.com 

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