Testimonials and Kudos

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Pet Poison Helpline® is the best resource for fast and thorough information on toxic exposure to pets.  Whether for a patient in the clinic or for a client calling for more information for their pets, their knowledgeable, caring staff have given me valuable medical information and peace of mind.-Kate An Hunter, DVM (Woodbury, MN)

 I’m writing to thank you for helping save my dog’s life. On May 7, my miniature Dachshund, Kristi, ate some rat poison. I took her to our Emergency Animal Hospital, and was instructed to contact you immediately, which I did from one of their exam rooms. That night, and throughout the next few days, you consulted with the vets on call, offering life-saving advice (including a lipid IV drip) that enabled Kristi to pull through. One week later, Kristi was back at home and doing well. Now, almost one month later, she’s resumed all her normal activities and has received a great health report from our veterinarian. I will always be grateful for your help and advice. You offer a wonderful service!-Fran W. 

MeganThis last summer our almost 5 year old Black Lab, Megan, got herself into a little predicament while staying with her grandma 🙂 She is very mischievous and found herself an ant trap to munch on. This dog as a stomach of steel but we were still worried sick so we hopped in the car and got to her as fast as possible and then rushed her to the nearest vet. The vet was so kind and saw us ASAP without an appointment. She had us call the Pet Poison Helpline® (which we had never heard of) before she treated Megan so she knew what she was dealing with. Thank goodness they told us she would be just fine based upon her size and the small amount of poison she consumed. We were so relieved!!!!! Thank you so much for the help, we are forever grateful and make sure that if any of our 3 dogs are staying with someone they have the number for the Pet Poison Hotline! It was money well spent!!!!-Jessica S.

 Pet Poison Helpline® is my go-to resource for poison control and toxicology information. I am always impressed by the rapid response and depth of toxicological knowledge shared by Drs. Brutlag and Lee. The team at Pet Poison Helpline® are professional, courteous, and a superb resource for veterinary professionals and pet owners alike. -Janet Tobassen Crosby, DVM (About.com Guide to Veterinary Medicine)

 Thanks so much for your help! I called a week ago Sunday. My baby Belle Masakowski (5 yr old lab mix) ate a thermcare heating pad containing iron. I was in a complete panic and your professional helpful advice helped me get through the crisis. Belle had no side effects and is healthy and well. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. . -Venus and Belle M.

CCI05212013_0000Thanks for saving my dog!  We appreciate all that you do.  I’ve enclosed a picture of my two girls, Velvet the daschund and Hazel the cockerspaniel.  Hazel is the one that swallowed the blood pressure medicine.  All better and back to her regular self.  Thanks so much! -David H.

 We use Pet Poison Helpline® all the time!! -New York Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center

Communicating with Pet Poison Helpline® was absolutely seamless. I spoke with a kind, articulate, and very knowledgeable DVM, and received the information that I needed to help my patient. I’ll be using them again!
-Dr. Indu M.

Thank you so much for this service — I called last night after my dog ate a year’s supply of Heartguard+.  With your guidance and information, I was able to help my dog without having to go to an emergency vet (2 hour drive away…)  I’m happy to report that everything’s fine this morning, we’re back to wagging tails today!  Thanks a million!!! -Margaret and Einstein T.

The veterinarian I spoke with was very helpful, patient and understanding.  Made me ALMOST calm about the situation. Most excellent service. -Chuck E.

I wanted to thank your for your helpfullness and kindness when my cat, Carly, got sick.  She is just about 100% recovered, and I know she couldn’t have survived without the advice you gave me. -Donna

Thank you Pet Poison Helpline® for a wonderful externship!  I learned so much and am impressed with the positive impact you have on the veterinary world -Jen G.

We wanted to thank you so much for all of your help for our dog, Saffie.  She accidentally ate our daughter’s ADHD medication and got extremely ill.  The emergency vet said if it hadn’t been for you, our dog would probably have died from being given a sedative that was contra-indicated for that particular medicine.  Your help was invaluable to them!  Thank you again so much!  Saffie is doing much better and her prognosis is good. -Julie P.

Please accept my deepest appreciation and gratitude saving my Daphne’s life!  She is so precious to us.  Everyone loves her, such a joy to be around.  I sing your praises!  I will never forget your help!  Thank you and God Bless you all. -Judith J.

I used your services last week after my dog ate tile adhesive. The vet I spoke with was very helpful and was able to put my mind at ease. I’m happy to report the Stitch had no adverse effects from eating the adhesive and is doing great 🙂 Thanks for the awesome work you do!! -Ashley L.

Thank you for helping my boy, Euri 🙂 I called you because he ate a peony petal, but he is fine now! -Becky A.

Thank you! I have toddlers and pets! You will be a great help if they decide to feed the dogs something! -Melissa P.

We really love to share your postings. How many thousands of pets get saved daily, weekly, yearly because of you all! We thank you!! -Romie Lane Pet Hospital Business

Thanks for a fantastic service when I needed it.  Service is professional, yet kind, courteous & understanding. -Jennifer B.

The night before Valentines Day, we left our little Doxie mix rescue alone for a few hours. We came home to find that he had somehow got hold of an unopened box of chocolates and eaten every single one. I called the poison control number and they were very efficient and helped me tremendously. They analyzed the contents he had consumed. They instructed me to bring him to the emergency vet hospital in our area. He only weighs 14 lbs and what he had eaten could have been deadly. He spent 2 nights in the ER and is now back to his perky little self. Thank you to the considerate staff who helped us through this very scary situation. -Sandra S.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  You are the best and have saved my beautiful Jasmine twice!!!  We thank you!!!!!!! -Karen G.

Pet Poison Helpline® helped me and my dog – I highly recommend it. -Kristen B.

Thank you so much for helping me and my kitten Maybelline! 🙂 -Lacey D.

  It is with deep pleasure that I inform you that my dog Breanna Nicole has recovered after swallowing some blood pressure medication.  Due to your staff’s quick thinking and knowledge, Breanna Nicole did not suffer at all!  I am so thankful to you for your kindness and great work that you do for animals. -Betty D.

  You guys rock…and have most likely saved Manny the Monster, all 12.5 pounds of him. from severe issues not to mention my peace of mind. -G. Paris P.

  Last night I posted a photo of a plant that my cat got into.  Both Google image search and crowd sourcing confirmed it was a Dieffenbachia.  They’re harmful to the cat that ate it, so I called Pet Poison Helpline® and they helped me by giving me step by step instructions on what to do to prevent her from getting more sick, exactly what to look out for, and when to bring her to the vet if necessary.  Gracie is fine now, super happy about the milk and canned food they recommended.  It was the best money I could’ve spent to make sure my 11 year old cat was going to be ok after hitting the poison kitty salad bar. -Betsy S.

I just wanted to send a little note to say thank you for your assistance today with my dog, Addie.  I did not know there was such a thing as a poison control for pets.  I discovered you purely by accident thanks to the National Poison Control Center.  I will share your contact info with all of my pet owner friends.  Again thank you very much. -Eunice T.

My cat swallowed my blood pressure medication this morning.  Oh no!  I called my vet immediately and they told me to call you with the details, which I did.  I just want to thank you for your excellent service.  It’s good to know that you exist.  I will be giving all my friends with pets your phone number to put on their refrigerator.  Thanks again for being there. -Jill W.

Last night I was in a panic!  one of the biggest loves of my life, my little Frenchie Noir, ingested paintballs.  Melanie saved my sanity!  AND my pocketbook as well.  She guided me through this scary time with knowledge and a special calmness that will not be forgotten anytime soon.  Noir is fine and doing well today.  I cannot thank you enough.  You are amazing and being able to talk to someone who answered ALL my questions and my concerns in my time of need was WELL WORTH the money for peace of mind.  Thank you, thank you! -Molly C.

Arty swallowed one of my pills: I did everything you advised me to do and watched him all day (also calling you several times to check if he was OK).  He is fine now and back to his old self!!!  Thanks so much for having this site for us to call and manning it 24 hours. -Barbara G.