Coral Snake

Coral Snake

Pictured: Coral Snake

Poisonous to: Cats, Dogs

Common signs to watch for:

  • Acute paralysis
  • Not being able to move or walk
  • Not being able to ventilate or breath
  • Collapse

Coral snakes, commonly found in the Southeastern United States, are highly venomous. The saying “Red next to black is a friend of Jack; red next to yellow, a dangerous fellow” applies to the striped, colorful bands that they have on them. These snakes contain a neurotoxin that causes respiratory failure and muscle paralysis. If dogs or cats are bitten, signs of acute paralysis, not being able to move or walk, not being able to ventilate or breathe, and collapse can be seen. Immediate veterinary attention is necessary.

Poison type: envenomations

Alternate names: Elapids, poisonous snakes, Micrurus, antivenin, antivenom