The -Hols of PPH Wisdom: Cold Weather Alcohol Poisoning in Pets

This complimentary webinar is RACE approved

Speaker: Holly Hommerding, DVM, DABT, DABVT
Date:  Tuesday, October 17, 2023
Time: 12pm-1pm CST

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With colder weather and a busy holiday season upon us and our pets, this webinar will dive into the common alcohol exposure trends in companion animals at Pet Poison Helpline®. Through case-based discussion we will detail both common and often overlooked product exposures, investigate their alcohol-based active ingredients of concern, review their mechanism of action and expected clinical consequences, and discuss case management and patient care. Topics including antifreeze and its various glycols, methanol-based windshield washer fluid, ethanol found in both seasonal beverages and foods, and sugar alcohols will be detailed and discussed.

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