Catching your dog eating candy can be a shocking sight. Before you get upset, you need to think about the harm that candy can do to your pup. Eating candy can cause a range of symptoms in dogs from stomach upset to lethal reactions. Continue reading below to learn about the potential risks of dogs eating candy. 

The Risks of Dogs Eating Candy 

We understand that people’s schedules can be jampacked during the holiday season and it’s easy for our minds to slip about our pets. During the holiday season dog owners need to be especially mindful about the dangers of poisoning. Below is a list of common candy dangers that all dog owners need to be aware of.  

  • Candy: Dogs may be drawn to the sweet smells of candy, but the high sugar and fat content can cause a very severe and potentially life-threatening condition, pancreatitis. This inflammation of the pancreas is extremely painful for dogs. Symptoms include decreased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, abdominal pain, and in extreme cases kidney failure or organ damage. These signs may not be visible for up to four days after the candy is ingested. 
  • Chocolate: A well-known danger to dogs is chocolate and poisoning cases are more prominent during the holiday season. The darker the chocolate, the more hazardous it is, as it contains elevated levels of theobromine. Theobromine is a chemical that is highly toxic to dogs, because they cannot effectively metabolize it which leads to poisoning. Common symptoms of poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, agitation, increased thirst, an elevated heart rate, and in extreme cases, seizures. 
  • Candy Wrappers: Candy concerns does not stop at the food itself, you need to watch out for candy wrappers as well. Candy wrappers pose a choking risk in dogs. Foil and cellophane wrappers can create a bowel obstruction if ingested, which can require surgery to remove. Signs include vomiting, decreased appetite, constipation, or lethargy. Your veterinarian may have to perform x-rays to diagnose the cause of the issue. 
  • Raisins: During Halloween you may see mini boxes of raisins being passed out. This is not a safe treat for your dog and just small amounts of raisins can be toxic. Symptoms of raisin poisoning include vomiting, nausea, decreased appetite, lethargy, abdominal pain, and severe kidney failure. 

If you notice your dog eating candy or its wrappers, contact Pet Poison Helpline® and (855) 764-7661 and your veterinarian right away for medical help. Taking preventative steps to avoid accidents is key to ensure the safety and health of your furry family member during the festive time of year. If you have any questions or concerns about pet poisoning contact the experts at Pet Poison Helpline® today!