Our Staff


Pet Poison Helpline is staffed with the following trained veterinary health experts:

  • Board-certified veterinary toxicologists (DABVT, DABT)
  • Board-certified internal medicine specialists (DACVIM)
  • Board-certified emergency critical care specialists (DACVECC)
  • Certified veterinary technicians (including American Veterinary Emergency Critical Care Technicians – AVECCT)
  • Veterinarians (DVM)
  • Clinical pharmacists/Doctors of Pharmacy(PharmD)

All of our medical professionals have received extensive education in the area of veterinary toxicology prior to managing cases. Clinical pharmacists and board-certified veterinarians in internal medicine, emergency and critical care, and toxicology are available around the clock, as are herpetologists. Due to the extraordinary volume of serious pet poisoning cases involving human pharmaceuticals, clinical pharmacists are a critical member of our professional team. This multi-disciplinary approach to case management allows us to offer the highest level of assistance to you and your pet or patient.

Pet Poison Helpline is also affiliated with the University of Minnesota. Our partnership with the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center provides us with 24 hour access to veterinarians board-certified in emergency and critical care should additional assistance be required for management of critical cases. In addition, our toxicologists are directly affiliated with the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and College of Veterinary Medicine as Faculty and Clinical Faculty.

Pet Poison Helpline has over 30 years of experience and expertise in the management of pets exposed to potentially dangerous substances. PPH is also partnered with the world’s largest industry poison control center to ensure pharmacovigilance and safety for both humans and pets, and serves multiple veterinary and human pharmaceutical companies and household good producers. Our core group of toxicologists founded the Minnesota Regional Poison Control Center over 25 years ago as faculty of the University of Minnesota. We’ve set the national standard as pioneers in industry toxicology. We handle over 100,000 cases a year for the large number of clients we serve. During the past three decades, our team has managed over 2.5 million cases involving potential poisonings.